Canine Social Club

Animal Rehab Center & Canine Social Club of Asheville  -- at 178 South Charlotte Street!
Call today to find out more info and to reserve a spot! 

The Canine Social Club of Asheville is an engaging enrichment facility, which provides your canine companion a safe and fun environment for play, exercise, and mental growth!  Our core mission is to provide a place that nurtures, supports, and encourages dogs' fundamental need to be social.  Our enrichment facility is more than just a "daycare," and provides supervision while engaging canines in mental games, environmental stimulation, and social interaction.  Each team member practices comprehensive, cutting-edge training in canine behaivor from The Dog Door of Asheville to ensure  that your canine members receive the highest quality care and interaction while visiting the social club.

For more details call 828-774-5668 and click here to visit our site. 

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